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Timedancer tells an epic sci-fi story through live action video, exclusively on Windows Phone 7.


Explore 3D environments, unlocking the secrets behind the Timedancer mythology and learn about the characters.


Solve a variety of puzzles to progress and unlock more of the Timedancer story.



We’re pleased to announce that Timedancer – The Lawson File, the next thrilling adventure set in the Timedancer universe, is now available on Amazon Kindle. Taking the form of a "choose your own adventure" game book, Timedancer: The Lawson File works as an explosive companion to the acclaimed Windows Phone sci-fi app series as well [...]

August 12, 2010


We’re incredibly pleased to announce the release of Episode 2 of Timedancer, right now, worldwide, on Windows Phone. Episode 1 was released late last year and Episode 2 continues to drive the mythology forwards exploring our characters further. Whereas Episode 1 presented an overall picture and introduced all of the key players in the Timedancer [...]

August 12, 2010


Timedancer is an interactive television series EXCLUSIVE to Windows Phone 7. It combines video with exploration and puzzle solving to tell an epic science fiction story.

Episode 1

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